November 23rd, 2010

Employment History – Melbourne IT

Synopsis of my time as the Team Leader, Web Development at Melbourne IT.

— Matt Fellows —


I currently manage a team of 7 talented developers (we’re hiring – want a job?) and have managed up to a team of 9 (including on-site external contractors). I’ve also worked with external offshore teams with various levels of success. My management style is pretty simple: hire good people who love what they do, trust that they will do a great job at it and add just the right amount of process in order to facilitate productive, yet stable and repeatable development.

We support upwards of 30 web applications in both the B2C and B2B arenas, built predominantly in two major Open Source technologies – PHP and Java, including the following flagship websites, a number of brochureware sites and a bunch of internal CRM\Fulfilment systems that I can’t tell you about:

Projects \ Work


I have been involved in Melbourne IT’s ongoing Transformation project since the beginning of 2010. I have served in a Solution Architect type role around the Web Properties integration piece which forms the all-important pointy part of the value chain – the direct interaction between Melbourne IT and it’s customers.

My involvement in the project to date has included the following:

  • As a Subject Matter Expert (SME), provided advice on scoping and preparing the Web sub-project’s business requirements
  • High-level design for integrating existing websites, service portals, the new Oracle suite and our existing legacy systems
  • Mid-level and detailed design on the development of a custom in-house enterprise customer self-service application
  • Technical lead on the implementation including:
    • Design & implementation of the enterprise customer facing eCommerce and account management solution
    • Working with Oracle and the SI (HCL) SME’s to provide end-to-end SOA solution
    • Managing the team according to deadlines
    • Recruiting new team members
    • OSGi Web development using Eclipse Virgo Tomcat Server and Spring MVC
    • Setting up build automation and governance process in Hudson, Maven & Sonatype

The project is currently still in-progress and tracking to internal deadlines.

Product Launches

As the Team Leader, I am involved in all new product\other launches via the online channels (listed above). Whilst there have been many, the following are the most notable achievements during my team as the Team Leader:

  • Release of the following new\re-designed websites with refreshed products and services:


Some of my other achievements in my time at Melbourne IT include:

  • Introduction of an Enterprise CMS (Alfresco) which has seen a radical change in the way the various business units and we (Webbies) work on a day-to-day basis
  • Standardisation of our development and build processes across our sites, including:
    • Moving from ad-hoc, custom-built frameworks to developing within the popular Zend Framework (PHP) stack
    • Automation of build processes including deployments, using tools such as Ant, Eclipse, Maven & Hudson
    • Introduction of automated Unit and Browser Testing suite (PHPUnit, Selenium) within Web Team
    • Definition and follow through of coding standards (based on Zend and Pear standards)
  • Introduction of a Continuous Integration server and build automation
  • Introduction of the SCRUM Agile methodology into Development practices and throughout the business
  • Optimisation of our Operational Support development mode using a lean, JIT methodology known as Scrumban which has seen us reduce estimation and planning wastage as well as catering for last minute changes.
  • Introduction of a “Hack Day” to promote innovation in ITS Development, produce results by harnessing the creativity and brains of our talented developers and improve overall engagement within Melbourne IT
  • Implementation of a fraud detection solution reducing online fraud to a negligible volume
  • I am currently working on project Lambda, in order to create a simple, OS\Browser independent Browser Automation environment for our QA Team. It is currently in Alpha status.