November 8th, 2010


I've taken so much from the Open Source community over the years, these are my contributions back - welcome to my Open Source playground...

— Matt Fellows —


GValidator is a user-friendly, accessible and standards compliant Form Validation script you can add to any form to apply client-side validation. You can be up and running in just minutes as it only requires you to add the script to your page, and a few class names to instruct GValidator to validate the form.

GValidator is intended for use by both those new to JavaScript and those with complicated validation rules as it promotes re-use of validators and a consistent user-experience.

Extending GValidator is clean & easy with both OOP and JSON syntaxes depending on your needs.

Download GValidator from Google Code or read more.


GSerializer is an experimental JavaScript Serialization library that is capable of turning reasonably complicated JavaScript objects into a structured XML text form, which can then be used by other languages or deserialized (unmarshalled) back to it’s native JavaScript form.

Download GSerializer from Google Code or read more.

GRememberMe (GReM) – in progress

Ever spent time filling out a form and then something goes amiss? The page doesn’t load when you hit submit, or you accidentally pressed a link instead of the submit button. Scrambling quickly to press back to recover you well written post,  your heart sinks when you realise that all of your post\contact info\etc. is gone?

This problem is especially frustrating and prominent on mobile devices (including modern smart phones such as the iPhone and Android) where entering text is a non-trivial exercise.

GRememberMe, (or GReM for short) is a series of smart remembering tools, starting with Forms (GRemForm), that can be added client-side to preserve user sanity. It will intervene in the absence of a browser or server-side implementation, by storing the in-flight state of a form as it is completed and re-filling the form in case of disaster.

GRememberMe is under development, you can conttribute or read more at it’s Google Code home.